Why Robin Williams Was One of the Best Comedians Ever

Robin Williams was one of the most beloved comedians of all time. His humor, energy, and larger-than-life personality made him a favorite of audiences around the world. But what made Robin Williams so special? Why was he considered one of the best comedians ever? In this article, we’ll explore Robin Williams’ life and career, and examine what made him such a legendary figure in the world of comedy.


Robin Williams was born in Chicago in 1951. He grew up in a wealthy family and attended the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City. After graduating, he began performing stand-up comedy in San Francisco, where he quickly gained a following for his unique style and off-the-wall humor.

Robin Williams’ Style of Comedy

One of the things that made Robin Williams so special was his unique style of comedy. Unlike many comedians of his time, Williams didn’t rely on scripted jokes or one-liners. Instead, he was known for his improvisational skills and his ability to create humor on the spot.

Williams was a master of voices and impressions, and he often incorporated these talents into his comedy routines. He could imitate everything from a Scottish accent to a chimpanzee, and his ability to switch between characters and voices made him a joy to watch.

Robin Williams’ Career Highlights

Robin Williams’ career was filled with many highlights. He began his career as a stand-up comedian, but he quickly branched out into acting, appearing in movies like “Popeye” and “The World According to Garp.” In 1980, he landed the role that would make him a household name: Mork from Ork on the TV show “Mork & Mindy.”

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Williams continued to act in movies and TV shows, but he also continued to perform stand-up comedy. His live performances were legendary, and he was known for his high-energy, physically demanding shows that left audiences exhausted from laughter.

Robin Williams’ Impact on Comedy

Robin Williams’ impact on comedy can’t be overstated. He was a trailblazer who paved the way for many of the comedians who came after him. His unique style of comedy and his willingness to take risks inspired a whole generation of comedians, and his influence can still be felt today.

Williams’ legacy goes far beyond his work as a comedian, however. He was also a philanthropist who gave generously to a number of charities throughout his life. He supported causes like veterans’ health care, education, and the arts, and he was widely respected for his generosity and kindness.

The Struggles of Robin William’s Married Life

Robin Williams was an iconic comedian, actor, and overall entertainer who was loved by millions of people worldwide. However, despite his successful career and public persona, his private life was not as perfect as it may have seemed. In fact, Williams’ married life was filled with struggles that ultimately led to his untimely death in 2014. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various challenges that Robin Williams faced in his marriages.

Early Marriages

Robin Williams had been married three times in his life. His first marriage was to Valerie Velardi, whom he met while he was still a struggling comedian. The couple got married in 1978 and had a son named Zachary. However, their marriage was not without its problems. Williams was known to have a wandering eye, and he often cheated on his wife. In 1988, after 10 years of marriage, Velardi finally had enough and filed for divorce.

Williams’ second marriage was to Marsha Garces, who was his son’s nanny at the time. The couple got married in 1989, and they had two children together, Zelda and Cody. However, their marriage was also fraught with issues. Williams had problems with substance abuse, and he would often disappear for days on end. Garces tried her best to help her husband, but it was a constant struggle. In 2008, after 19 years of marriage, Garces filed for divorce.

Final Years

After his second marriage ended, Williams started dating Susan Schneider, whom he eventually married in 2011. However, even this marriage was not without its problems. Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013, and he struggled to cope with the diagnosis. He also had problems with depression and anxiety, which made it difficult for him to maintain healthy relationships.

Despite the challenges he faced, Williams was a devoted father and loved his children deeply. He tried his best to be there for them, even when his personal life was in turmoil. However, the constant stress and pressure of his public and private life eventually took its toll on him.

On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams was found dead in his home. The cause of death was suicide by hanging. The news of his death shocked the world, and millions of fans mourned his passing. It was later revealed that Williams had been suffering from severe depression and anxiety, which had led him to take his own life.


Robin Williams’ married life was filled with struggles and challenges, but it was also marked by love and devotion. Despite his personal issues, Williams tried his best to be a good husband and father. However, the pressures of his public and private life eventually became too much for him to bear. His death was a tragic loss for the world, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health and seeking help when needed.


  1. How many times was Robin Williams married? Robin Williams was married three times in his life.
  2. Did Robin Williams struggle with substance abuse? Yes, Williams had problems with substance abuse throughout his life.
  3. What was the cause of Robin Williams’ death? Robin Williams’ death was caused by suicide by hanging.
  4. How did Robin Williams cope with his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis? Williams struggled to cope with his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, which added to his depression and anxiety.
  5. What was Robin Williams’ legacy? Robin Williams was an iconic comedian and actor who brought joy to millions of people worldwide. He will always be remembered for his unique talent and infectious humor.

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